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Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

The art of ballroom dancing offers many health benefits that both you and your dance partner can enjoy. 

Ballroom dance provides benefits for your whole well-being. There are benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Spinning around the ballroom floor is more than just learning the art of dance and getting the steps right. It is a total health makeover that is both fun and exciting at the same time. Let’s take a look at the many health benefits ballroom dance has to offer.


While it may seem like ballroom dance is solely a workout for your body, it is powerful for your mind too. 

Less Stress & Anxiety

Those who dance with us at Arthur Murray find a drastic reduction in their stress level and anxiety. 

Studies have found that dancing not only reduces your stress levels. It also increases the hormone serotonin. This hormone is known as a “feel-good hormone.” No wonder you feel so great after dancing! 

Put on your dance shoes, relax, and feel almost instantaneously better. Listen to the music, let your body feel the beat, and it is incredible how fast you will find yourself feeling happier and less stressed.  

Many of our students who enjoy ballroom classes come straight from work. There is no better way to de-stress after a long day of work than getting together with a great group of people and dancing your way into a better mood and mindset.

Improved Memory

Did you know that dancing is known to improve your memory in addition to improving your brain function? If you struggle with memory loss or have difficulty concentrating and focusing in your day-to-day activities or even at work, take a ballroom dance class with us! Taking classes on a regular at Arthur Murray will significantly benefit your alertness and help you to improve your concentration and memory! 

It’s time to end the struggle of forgetting things. It all starts with a dance class at Arthur Murray to change all of that.  

According to a study that the Albert Einstein College of Medicine completed, researchers found that dancing literally lowers the risk of dementia among those who participated in the study by 76%! 76%! That in itself is huge! Can you believe that by taking up ballroom dancing regularly, you can reduce your risk of dementia by that much! Talk about an extraordinary extracurricular activity! While dancing, you are helping your brain function stronger and longer! Who knew one of the best things for your brain was dancing?  

The sooner you start your ballroom classes, the sooner you will begin to see these fantastic benefits. What are you waiting for? There’s nothing stopping you… YOUR FIRST LESSON IS FREE.

Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing


Now that we have talked about how remarkable the benefits of ballroom dance are for your mind, let’s discuss all the great benefits it provides for your body. One of the more apparent benefits is that ballroom dancing will help you tone your muscles and develop muscle definition, along with added strength to weight-bearing bones. With an improvement in your cardiovascular health, your ballroom dancing class will be great for preventing osteoporosis which simply helps to prevent bone loss. 

With increased flexibility and stronger bones, you are positively dancing your way into better health. Dance also strongly promotes increased lung capacity, which does wonders for your breathing. Through the art of ballroom dance, you also lower your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.

On average, dancing can burn between 200 to over 500 or more calories, based, of course, on your weight and the type of ballroom dance class you take, as some dance styles are going to burn more calories than other dance styles. The longer the class, the more calories you burn. Combine that with a healthy meal plan, and you will see the results of your dance classes in no time. With an average of one pound a week burned, those pounds will continue to disappear every week. We offer classes ranging in 30-to-45-minute time slots.  

If you want to get some exercise but hate working out and don’t enjoy a gym setting or running, ballroom dance is a fantastic option. Exercise does not have to feel like a chore that you dread doing. Life is short. You may as well have fun doing it. 

Let us show you how to have an exciting workout while not feeling like you are actually exercising. Put on your dance shoes, and let’s Cha Cha!


Ballroom dancing is a great way to socialize, as our ballroom dance lessons require a partner in a class-like setting. With soulful moves while relaxing your body as you learn new dance steps, ballroom dancing offers a fun, different, and exciting way to exercise your whole self and well-being.  

In ballroom dance, the music by itself has such natural healing power. The tunes help heal your soul and mind while enjoying the graceful moves that come along with the steps. By engaging your mind and body, your soul’s needs will become naturally met and benefit automatically.  

To be cohesive in a partnered dance in the ballroom, your souls must speak. You must work together to get the whole experience by becoming in tune with one another. You learn how your partner moves and your own body will allow your souls to work as one. Synchronizing yourselves and understanding each other is the key to getting the steps down. 

With time, patience, practice, and a willing partner, you can both enjoy the many benefits of ballroom dancing.   

“Dance is the hidden language of our soul.” -Martha Graham, influential dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

3 Central Florida Locations

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we have three locations to serve you best, centrally located in Orlando, Clermont, and Lake Mary. Get your “Dancing With The Stars” groove on and contact us today! We can’t wait to get you started in lessons, as we know you’ll wish you had started sooner.  

The Health Benefits will Amaze You!

The remarkable health benefits will amaze you! From less stress and anxiety to a total body workout, it is not just your body that will thank you for the dance classes. Your brain will thrive on this type of exercise while keeping dementia at bay! Your soul will absolutely feel more connected and fulfilled the more you dance. When you exercise your mind, body, and soul through ballroom dancing, you are truly getting a whole-body workout that, if you stick with it, will reap the benefits of those actions for years to come.   

Enjoy time with a dance partner, improve your memory, concentration, and focus and say goodbye to your daily stresses while twirling around the ballroom dance floor and having a delightful time! Burn calories, get in shape, tone your muscles, and enjoy flexibility and fluidity as you also improve your gracefulness while learning new dance steps. With so many incredible benefits to ballroom dance, there is little to no reason to give it a try.  

Arthur Murray Lake Mary – Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Contact us today to set up your first class and start enjoying all the fantastic health benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Remember, the first class is FREE! Take an hour or less out of your day and start reaping the many benefits that ballroom dancing has to offer.