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Life Skills & Ballroom Dance

Who would have thought that ballroom dance could help us with everyday life skills? It’s easy to see how ballroom dancing is excellent for physical activity and learning how to dance. However, did you know that ballroom dance is also great for TEACHING LIFE SKILLS? In this article, we touch on five life skills ballroom dance teaches! Some of them just might surprise you.

5 Life Skills Ballroom Dance Can Teach You

1. Find Your Place… Lead or Follow

The first life skill ballroom dance teaches, is how to be a team player. Everyone has their own personality. Some people are natural leaders, and others are supportive followers. Both of these are equally important when it comes to a successful partnership. And having a successful partnership is crucial in ballroom dancing.

In ballroom dance, one dance partner is the lead, and one is the follow. Both people must understand their place in the dance. The lead must send the right signals for their dance partner to understand what is next. While the follow must be patient and ready to feel the pulls and pushes.

Whether you are the lead or follow, understanding how to perform your role is crucial to success. This goes for life off the dance floor. Teamwork makes the dream work, and performing your role off and on the dance floor will lead to success!

2. Build Confidence

Do your knees begin to shake at the idea of performing in front of others? Many people cringe at the thought of performing in front of others. Ballroom dancing can definitely help with this life skill.

When you dance at Arthur Murray, confidence comes naturally to our students as they participate. Many students start with private lessons and feel like that’s where they’ll stay. However, before long, they attend group classes and studio parties.

As your confidence grows on the dance floor, it will grow in your day-to-day life as well.

3. Get Creative

The creativity you discover within yourself is another thing that shocks many about ballroom dance.

Let your creative juices flow! Once you begin dancing and it doesn’t stop there. After you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to attend group classes and possibly even go to competitions. These activities are where the fun really starts… From picking your music to coming up with outfits. It lets you get in tune with your creative side.

As for outside of the studio, you’ll begin being a little more creative too!
life skills and ballroom dance

4. Discover Your Authenticity

Ballroom dance provides the perfect space for people to discover their authenticity. While the basics of each dance are taught the same to everyone. How they are performed is unique to each individual. Before you know it, the real you will shine every time you step on the dance floor! The more comfortable you feel with the dance, the more you will make it your own.

Before you know it, you’ll be confident enough to be yourself outside of the studio too!

5. Dive into Your Emotional Intelligence

Ballroom dance is an excellent outlet for reflecting and getting in touch with your own emotions. Once you start dancing, some of the emotions you feel may surprise you. It may come from a particular song or a dance style you connect with naturally. 

Arthur Murray lake Mary – Life Skills & Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance is an excellent way to improve life skills. Schedule a lesson today and see for yourself! Everything you learn on the dance floor can be used in everyday life.