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11 FAQ About Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a beautiful form of art. The feelings expressed through the dancer have captivated audiences for centuries. Witnessing dancers of all ages effortlessly gliding across the floor with such grace has drawn people to discover more about this elegant art form. Chances are, learning how to ballroom dance has crossed your mind a time or two. You may be “dancing” around the subject of commitment and still standing aside, continuing to be a spectator. What has kept you from taking that first step onto the dance floor? Fear of the unknown? The feeling of being unprepared? Unanswered questions?

Toss those worries aside and twirl into confidence! We’re here to answer the most FAQ about ballroom dancing! Soon you’ll be more than ready to put on those dancing shoes and spin your way onto the dance floor.

FAQ to Better Prepare You for Your Ballroom Dancing Experience

1. Can I Really Learn How to Dance?

Of course! Arthur Murray dance experts are highly skilled dancers and teachers with years of experience teaching ballroom dancing. We teach simple, basic skills from which the steps are derived. Once you have learned to dance, the craft will stay with you forever. Much like learning to walk or ride a bike, ballroom dancing will become a part of you. Age is just a number, and there is no limit. Hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, have been successfully trained in Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

2. Is it Hard to Learn to Dance?

Not with an Arthur Murray dance expert! We are famous for making dancing fun and exciting. We not only want you to enjoy dancing, but we want you to enjoy LEARNING to dance as well. We teach four simple basic movements from which the new combinations are derived. From there, your skill will develop with time, practice, and lots and lots of fun!

3. What Benefits Do I Receive For Dancing?

Dancing opens up a whole new world for the dancer. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, and improved personality. Your social calendar will be full of opportunities to spend time with newfound friends. It offers a fun and exciting way to stay physically active and improve health. You will quickly discover that dancing will reduce stress, ease your mind, and improve memory.

4. How Long Will it Take for Me to Dance?

Everyone is different and learns at their own pace. But we do not doubt that you will be able to dance after your first lesson! The length of your course will depend on how many dances you want to learn and how proficient you wish to become in each dance.

5. Do I need a partner?

If you have been trying to convince a close friend or partner to learn to ballroom dance and they refuse, we have great news for you! Many people are surprised to hear that you can learn ballroom dance without a partner. Several of the dance elements have nothing to do with a partner. You can focus on leg and footwork and timing and technique. You can practice improving your dance skills without having an unwilling or unavailable partner hold you back!

FAQ Ballroom Dance

6. What Should I Wear? 

The biggest piece of advice we can give is to wear something comfortable and loose-fitting. You want to move around easily without getting distracted and without limiting your movement. 


  • Business casual attire works well as long as it’s loose-fitting enough to move backward and forward. 
  • Yoga pants and a t-shirt are comfortable and work well when learning to dance.
  • We do not recommend tight-fitting dresses or skirts that can ride up and be uncomfortable or distracting. 


  • Business casual attire that you are comfortable wearing is what we recommend. 
  • Jeans and a t-shirt work well.
  • Shorts and a t-shirt on those hot Florida days will keep you cool and comfortable.

Appropriate Shoes

For both men and women, we recommend wearing comfortable and secure shoes. If the shoe fits too loose, there is more risk for injuries such as sprained ankle. Sneakers may be comfortable and secure, but they tend to grip the floor too well, making it more difficult for spins and turns. We recommend a shoe with a leather or suede sole if you have them. 

7. When Can I Start Taking Dance Lessons?

Our studio is open Mon-Fri from 1 pm-10 pm. You are welcome to start your journey towards the next champion dancer ASAP!

8. How Do I Start My Dance Lesson?

To schedule your introductory lesson with one of our trained instructors, you can call or e-mail us. During that lesson, your instructor will determine your current level and recommend an appropriate course for you to continue.

9. How Much Do Dance Lessons Cost?

Tuition varies, depending on several factors. For Example, it will depend on how good you want to be, what dances you want to learn, and your dance schedule. After your introductory lesson, your instructor will recommend a program and will be able to answer any questions you may have, so you will have the knowledge to make an informed choice.

10. Will I Have a Good Dance Teacher?

Only the best of the best! Our dance instructors must complete a training regimen before working with students. They are highly experienced on the dance floor and knowledgeable in techniques to help you learn to master today’s popular dances. Remember, we want our dancers to experience how fun dancing can be, so we select instructors based on who we know is suited for your personality.

11. Are There Only Private Lessons?

We offer a variety of group classes and parties. We offer wedding dance lesson packages, social group dance classes, competitive ballroom dance lessons, and adult couple dance lessons. Every month we post a calendar of events with different styles of dancing offered in groups!

Arthur Murray Lake Mary – 11 FAQ About Ballroom Dancing

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or want to improve your health, dancing is what you’ve been searching for. Put your best foot forward and let an Arthur Murray dance instructor teach you how to put the moves on the dance floor.

We would love to help answer any questions you might still have or schedule your first lesson!

Contact us today…dance tomorrow!