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Discover Our Successful Teaching Methods

Our mission is to provide the community with a high-quality dance experience in a nurturing environment. We believe that learning to dance opens doors to improved health, closer relationships with loved ones and produces a greater passion and joy for life!

To provide a high-quality dance experience for each individual, we offer different teaching methods. It is important that we provide opportunities to meet every dancer’s needs at EVERY stage of their dancing journey. Each teaching method complements the other, and it’s important to spend time dancing within each technique. You will learn and practice what you learn in different ways with different teachers and students.

Explore Our Teaching Methods

You will quickly realize that choosing the Arthur Murray Dance Studio will be one of the best decisions you’ve made for yourself! The Arthur Murray Organization possesses over 100 years of teaching experience. We are confident that it will become a fabulous, memorable, and enjoyable experience. Our three-way system of instruction includes private, group, and practice sessions. With this system, you will become a good social dancer in the shortest time possible and have a blast doing it! Why not join in on the finest dance lesson instruction available today? 

Private Dance Lessons

We cannot express enough how vital private dance instruction is. These lessons are the key to learning quickly and easily. Another plus is you don’t have to have a partner to learn! Hello to all you single ladies and gents!

During these one-on-one lessons, you will receive personalized instruction. Personalized instruction is designed around YOUR individual dance goals. Look at you all fancy with your tailor-made lessons. Yes, YOU! These lessons will help you achieve those goals quickly.

While group classes are essential, if you stick ONLY to group classes, you will have to keep the pace of the rest of the group, and you wouldn’t allow yourself to perfect your skills as an individual. Who wants to be at the mercy of another student’s ability or only dance the dances they enjoy? You learn with your instructor at YOUR pace, and you will master the dances YOU wish to learn! You will be matched with an instructor suited to you! Can anyone say custom? You heard right, CUSTOM! Your instructor will spend the necessary time on technique, styling, and general dance improvement just.for.YOU! As part of your instruction, an up-to-date record of everything you have learned will be kept.

Group Classes

Group classes are the perfect ADDITION to your private lessons because they enhance the practice you receive individually. In group classes, you are given the opportunity to dance with other teachers and students. Now is your time to shine and show off those dance moves you’ve been working so hard to acquire.

Dancing with others can improve and speed up the learning process. You’ll be confidently dancing your way across the dance floor before you know it. What greater practice than authentic learning with dance partners of all skill levels? You will develop good dance habits and have a fantastic time meeting other students in the studio.

New friends? Count us in! In group classes, we emphasize leading, following, and variation of patterns. Dancing the same pattern with different partners will help you commit it to memory. Group lessons are held for different dances and levels. You will always be dancing with students on the SAME level, so there is no need to worry about dancing with students more or less advanced than you. You are not required to dance with other people, as the goal is to learn to dance with your partner! Don’t have a partner? Good thing we love to dance! We never charge for you to practice with us! You are never penalized for being single at Arthur Murray! So if you are single, come mingle!

Studio Parties

Where is the best place to dance? At a party, of course! The great news is that we hold scheduled dance parties for all our students. Practice makes perfect! These are our practice sessions and are held every week. You will have fun dancing with the instructors and students in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This is the perfect opportunity for you to practice and try out all the new dance skills you’ve learned in your Personal Dance Lessons, Group Lessons, and Dance Classes.

Check the studio calendars practice party day and times. The parties are always fun and an excellent opportunity to let loose and enjoy all the work you’ve put into learning your new skills. It’s also the perfect time to meet fellow dancers!

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The Tournament of Champions is our most anticipated event of the YEAR! Over 250 Arthur Murray Studios throughout the WORLD take part in this event. That’s HUGE! With the perfect blend of competition and celebration, it’s hard not to want to be a part of it!

The TOC is held at the end of every year. It’s a WORLDWIDE competition between staff and studios throughout the Arthur Murray organization. The point of the tournament is to see which studio is the most active. Both instructors and dancers participate. A lot of hard work and energy goes into the TOC and helps create a fantastic dance experience for YOU!

The Tournament of Champions is a six-week, organization-wide event. Throughout these six weeks, the studios create their themed events. Each studio has a unique way of engaging its students by creating its theme. So this means every studio’s theme will be different. 

It’s all about the points! There are various ways to earn points, such as taking private lessons, coaching, enrollment, group lessons and parties, dressing up on theme days, showcase performances, DOR, spotlight, bringing food (yummy), bringing guests, google/yelp review. These are just some of the ways students and instructors earned points in last year’s events. We are already looking forward to this year’s TOC!

Arthur Murray Lake Mary – Discover Our Successful Teaching Methods

There is no double Arthur Murray Orlando is the BEST place to perfect your dance skills. With our experienced instructors, attention to detail, and successful teaching methods, there is no doubt you’ll have a great time and become the dancer you want to be. Contact us today to set up your first class. We can’t wait to see you!