Recently, a couple walked in the door of our Lake Mary studio and the first words out the husband’s mouth were, “My wife is the better dancer”.

Now we hear this quite often when a couples come into the studio…

We are going to do something crazy here today, we are going to debunk the myth of who really is a better dancer.

While it might be your wife or you who is the better dancer, everyone needs a dance partner to shine. They can’t do it on their own.

Three Myths of Who Is the Better Dancer

Let’s start out with the third myth and work our way down shall we?

3.  Ballroom Dancing is overly difficult

While it’s true that ballroom dancing can take time and practice, it’s not too difficult for most people to learn. In fact, when you learn just a few basic moves, you’ll be able to quickly learn how to perform many different ballroom styles. As the gentleman, learning to lead your lady is really what makes her a good dancer. She needs you to help her shine.

So take a few steps on the dance floor. The basics are the foundation of any great dance and you can be dancing in just a few minutes!

2. You Aren’t Coordinated Enough To Ballroom Dance

You might be thinking to yourself, “I have no rhythm and I have two left feet”.

That is actually good news! One of the things we specialize in here at Arthur Murry is helping you find your right foot! (that might have been a really bad pun, did you laugh)

In all honesty, most people are surprised at how coordinated they are once they start dancing. You will, with time and practice, find your natural rhythm in your dancing. Plus one of the bonuses of dancing is that you become more coordinated.

1.  She’s Got The Better Moves

In ballroom dancing, you each have your own specialized role. In a ballroom lesson, it is referred to as ‘Lead and Follow’. The fact that your wife is a good dancer strengthens your dynamics.

You (husband), are the lead. Your job is to show off your wife who is the follower. This is a good thing because it takes the spotlight off of you, allowing you to focus on your responsibility of keeping the attention on her.

Basically, with her ‘better moves’ she makes you look good!

Final Thoughts…

Ballroom dancing has come such a long way in our culture. However, there are too many women who complain that their husbands or partners don’t want to dance with them.

So let’s shake things up. Come into our Arthur Murray studio here in Lake Mary. We specialize in teaching you how to dance even if you have never danced before.

If you are new to our studio take advantage of our New Student offer. Let’s have some fun and learn to dance!

~Your Arthur Murray Family