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Over 100 Years of Dancing

Whether you’re new to ballroom dancing, want to dance the dust off your old dance shoes, or have been dancing nonstop since you started, Arthur Murray is the place to be. There is no doubt that Arthur Murray Dance Studios are the best of the best in ballroom dancing. We offer a variety of classes that suit everyone’s style of dance as well as their style of learning. Our experienced dance instructors do an incredible job with students and tailoring each experience for the individual. 

But enough with the obvious and moving on to what many people might not know. Who is Arthur Murray? Why are there dance studios that bear his name? How have these studios become some of the most successful across the world?

Arthur Murray as a Ballroom Dance Teacher

Arthur Murray began teaching dance lessons in 1912. By 1919, he was teaching classes in his spare time. He was very involved in the American social dance scene, which benefitted him as a dance teacher, entrepreneur, and businessman. Arthur Murray had a creative way of using print advertising and a unique way of marketing his lessons for that time. He utilized direct mail in a cutting-edge way by offering dance lessons via mail “one step at a time.” This allowed students to learn dances at their own pace from the comfort of their homes. Think of the early days of virtual learning. Ha! 

Arthur Murray History Intro years of dancing

The Start of Arthur Murray Dance Studio

After marrying his wife, Kathryn, they opened a dance studio together. It wasn’t long before their studio introduced new dances to the public. The dance that took his name to the next level in business was “The Big Apple.” After “The Big Apple” became a big hit, it blew the one dance studio off its feet and transformed it into one of the largest dance studio chains in the nation. By 1946 there were 72 Arthur Murray studios across the United States. This success was, of course, due to the talent and business expertise of Arthur Murray himself. But we can’t ignore the big giant boost of a little song called “Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry,” which was written and featured in the movie “The Fleet’s In.” Arthur Murray was becoming a household name, at least when it came to ballroom dancing. Chances are, if someone knew how to ballroom dance, Arthur Murray and one of his studios had something to do with it. 

Arthur Murray on Television

In the summer of 1950, Arthur Murray began to change his way of reaching dance students. Rather than using direct mail, he jumped into the fast-growing world of television. He purchased 15-minute time slots on CBS and his wife, Kathryn, became the teacher. Soon after purchasing the small time slots, he landed a 30 minutes spot on ABC titled “The Arthur Murray Dance Party.” Who wouldn’t want to attend a weekly dance party, especially if Arthur Murray teaches it?

We can only wonder if Mr. Murray predicted how successful joining the television networks would be for him and his business. Only two years later, he had televised close to 100 programs. Their ratings were dancing their way to the top, and people were dancing their way into Arthur Murray studios across the US. You could say joining television was the right step for this ballroom extraordinaire. 

A Change for the Studio

In 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Murray were ready to retire. They sold their group of successful studios to a group of franchisees. This wasn’t, however, the end of the success of Arthur Murray. Under new ownership came a fresh studio that only continued to expand throughout the nation and the world. Arthur Murray’s legacy continues 100 years after it began. Which says a lot about the man he was and a lot about the teaching techniques of the studio. 

Not just anyone can become a franchise owner. If someone wants to pursue their franchise, they must qualify. Future franchise owners must start from the beginning and work their way to the top. Working all positions in a franchise to know the ins and outs of the studio and instructing dance students. Arthur Murray is the best of the best in dancing, and we’d like to keep it that way and continue the legacy Arthur Murray began. 

What Arthur Murray Lake Mary Has to Offer

Just like Arthur Murray, our dance studio offers various lessons. Different styles include bachata, cha cha, foxtrot, hustle, quickstep, merengue, rumba, salsa, swing, tango, Viennese waltz, and waltz. 

You can choose from a variety of dance classes and group parties. We offer personal dance lessons, which are key to learning to dance quickly and easily. Dance group classes are made to help enhance your private lessons while joining in on group parties will help you practice with other dancers. We also hold dance practice parties, allowing you to practice your dance skills in a relaxed and comfortable environment with other instructors and dancers. 

Arthur Murray Lake Mary – Over 100 Years of Dancing

We can’t wait for you to fall in love with ballroom dancing! You will undoubtedly enjoy learning to dance with Arthur Murray, just as tens of thousands of people have throughout the past century. Contact us today to start your first lesson… it’s FREE!