Having a first dance at weddings is a time-honored tradition. Except for a brief lull in the early 20th century, important society events have always been opened with a ceremonial act by the guests of honor, especially with an opening dance. Now that it’s June, the traditional month for weddings, let’s talk about why you or your friends and family should have a first dance at your special event.

It’s your moment to shine

This is something that (we hope) you won’t be doing again. It’s a totally unique, one-of-a-kind moment. This may be the only time that ALL of your friends and family will come together and honor just you. If there’s ever a moment when you are royalty, it’s now. So make it the best it can be!
In addition, all your guests are there to see YOU. If you were really royalty, you could just send the Master of Revels out to open the floor while you attend to matters of state. But that won’t do on your day. All your favorite people are waiting to see YOU. Give them what they came for.

It makes the BEST memory

You’ll have lots of wonderful memories from throughout this special day. But the dance is in just the right place to be the best memory of all. It’s late enough that the ceremony is over and the pressure is off, but early enough that people are still fresh and sober. It’s after everyone comes together from their individual preparations, but before they disperse again to their individual interests and concerns. The dance is usually one of the highlights—perhaps THE highlight—of this truly unique day. Plus, everyone will be videoing. So investing some time and effort in making this a true highlight is more than called for.

Your dance can be FOREVER!

The church hosts you for a day and then it’s back to business. The bar is open for an evening and then it’s back to life as usual. The meal is a one-time thing. The dress will go in a closet and not see light again for years, if ever. The rented tux or tails will return to the tailor. Everything fades but the memory…

Except for your DANCE. The steps that you learn for your wedding dance are steps that you can do again and again. If it’s a special routine, you can do it at each anniversary, with or without an audience. What an amazing tradition! And if the dance includes steps from a popular or traditional social dance like Rumba, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, or any of a dozen other popular styles, then you’ll have dance steps in common that you can use at ANY social gathering, or just out on the town. Of all the things you’ll put time and money into for your wedding, the dance is the only one that truly is an “investment.” It’s an investment that will reap returns in fun, health, and intimacy for years to come. Think of it as marriage insurance. How much is that kind of policy worth?

Whether your special day is imminent or just a dream, remember that the single hardest step in dancing is the step through the front door. If you’re ready to take that step, click the CONTACT US link, and we’ll sign you up for your exciting complimentary first lesson. If you’re not quite ready yet, just subscribe to this blog and let us continue to entertain you with fun facts about the wonderful world of dance. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!